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In April at NAB, Panasonic released their new Micro P2 cards, these are SD sized but have the same data writing capability as the full size P2 cards, since they now employ the same Raid system.

They’re available in 32gb and 64gb later this month, you’ll just need to purchase the Micro P2 Adapter to bring them up to the full P2 size if you want to use them in your existing P2 Cameras.

Panasonic P2 Card

And now since these new Micro P2 cards will be arriving soon, there are some P2 model cameras that will need to be upgraded. For users who wish to upgrade, please click here to download the latest drivers and software files for your particular models.

Before using the new Micro P2 card users must install the latest versions of the P2 drivers on their PC or MAC. Users who currently use P2 Viewer Plus will need to upgrade to the latest version.
P2 Card
For more details and the latest information regarding Micro P2, please click here.

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