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This month I would like to show you the new Ultimate Short Throw Data Projector offerings from our good friends at Hitachi.

Early in 2011, Hitachi brought out the CPA-220N, CPA-300N and CPA-250N Ultimate Short Throw Data Projectors, with the 220 and 300 being in a 4:3 (almost square image), and the 250 being a 16:10 (widescreen) aspect ratio.

These data projectors have proven to be ‘bulletproof’ in regards to reliability, are rich in features, include a plethora of connectivity options (including HDMI, VGA and even connection over a network) and offer a 5 year warranty. All of this has been offered at a fantastic price point, and is a part of the driving force that we here at Videopro have seen thousands of these data projectors deployed into classrooms country-wide throughout the year.

Riding on the back of this success, Hitachi then introduced the IPJAW250N Widescreen Interactive Ultimate Short Throw Data Projector that offered all of the same features and chassis design that made its non-interactive brothers so popular.
This model was the first Interactive Data Projector offering from Hitachi, and this hit the market with ‘guns blazing’!

Offering the same ‘Starboard’ and ‘Easiteach – Next Generation’ software suites included with the popular FXTRIO Interactive Whiteboards was what made Hitachi’s Interactive Data Projector offering stand well above the rest of its competitors in the market. Add to this a very competitive price point and aesthetic appeal and we knew we had a winner on our hands.

Although these projectors have served our valued clients so well, it has come time to say goodbye to these particular models.

But never fear! Although it was a hard task to improve such a fantastic line of projectors – Hitachi have done it again with their new offerings.

  • The CPA-220N will now be replaced by the CPA-221N
  • The CPA-300N will now be replaced by the CPA-301N
  • The CPA-250 (widescreen) will now be replaced by the CPA-251N
  • The IPJAW250N (interactive widescreen) will now be replaced by the CPA-2519N
  • What will be the difference I hear you ask with baited breath…

    Well, Hitachi have included every single aspect of their previous line-up (connectivity, aesthetics, chassis design). However, now with some clever re-designing of the internal workings, with the optional kit all of these new data projectors can be used for table-top data projection – even the Interactive option!


    These models can now be used for collaboration and presentations on a horizontal surface such as a table-top or floor, bringing a new way to learn into the classroom.

    If you would like any further information on this new line-up, please contact me at a.tracey@videopro.com.au or your Videopro Account Manager on 1300 VIDEOPRO who is always happy to help guide the way.

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