Get excited about the newest and lightest GoPro, the HERO4 Session!
This gadget is 50% smaller and 40% lighter than the other HERO4 cameras.
Let’s talk about some of our new favourite features.

New Mounting Options
Since this is the smallest GoPro ever there are some brand new mounting options available.
The low-profile mount and the standard frame. Our favourite of them all is the ball joint buckle. This allows you to freely capture an image without having to remove the camera from the mount.
You don’t want to buy new mounting accessories? That’s not an issue, since this new gadget is compatible with all GoPro mounts!


Easy One-Button Control For Simplified Usage
You only need to press the button once to begin capturing video or image footage and one press to turn it off. Capturing your James Bond moments couldn’t be any easier.

One Button Control
Dual Mic System

Dual Mic System
The new HERO4 Session features two microphones, one in the back and one at the front. Whilst the user captures footage during high speed activities the camera will automatically adjust which mic is operating to block out windy noise and enhance audio capture.

Auto Image Rotation
If you’ve mounted your camera upside down it will automatically adjust to capture your image the right way up. This will save you from flipping your image manually. What a time saver!

Auto Image Rotation

This new GoPro still encompasses all the usual fantastic features the older models have. Being the smallest and lightest GoPro it is the most versatile design, perfect for the surf, snow and your every day activities. This camera delivers stunning full HD video quality and an 8MP camera. Like the older models, you are able to control it through the app or smart remote, making it easy to adjust the capture settings and share through WiFi or Bluetooth. The design is rugged and waterproof for up to 10m with no protective casing required.
Its systems include superview, protune and high light tag, which allows you to tag key moments, making it easier to revisit them later.

GoPro Image

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