Todd Berlin - Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales
Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales

B&W have cut the cords with the new Zeppelin Wireless speaker. While it retains the same ‘blimp’ form factor as its predecessors (minus the dock), we’re told it’s been completely redesigned on the inside for better sound quality and functionality than ever before.

The silver arm that the iPod dock has previously had is gone and has been replaced by a slim Bowers & Wilkins logo along the base. This makes the design incredibly minimalistic and really quite timeless to me. While the new model is slightly larger, you’d need to have them side by side to notice the size difference. The chassis has also been completely redesigned to ensure minimal vibrations, and a new digital processor handles high volumes better than ever, ensuring distortion free listening.

New B&W Zeppelin Wireless Speaker

The sound quality overall from the Zeppelin family has historically been amazing. The new Wireless model is no different, delivering beautifully well rounded, room filling sound. One of my personal gripes (and a minor one at that) has been that the highs never seem to be quite as crisp as they should – like you’ve got a plastic bag over your head and can tell they’re there somewhere, but it’s just not quite right. Not so with the new model. There are 5 drivers – two tweeters on the outside, two mid range drivers in from those and a low frequency driver smack bang in the middle. The audio signature is very lively and musical and there’s definitely no lack of clarity in the high end. The bass is punchy but balanced and the mid range is nicely controled as well. It really is a joy to listen to.

An update to the B&W Control App makes the set up a little easier, assisting with the initial WiFi connection and facilitating any future firmware updates to the speaker. Connecting to the Zeppelin via Bluetooth requires no additional setup apart from the standard pairing, and is a long overdue feature that android users will be very happy about. Airplay continues as the WiFi connection as does a 3.5mm audio input as the cabled option.

It’s on the upper end of the spectrum price-wise and audio is a very subjective thing, but I really love this speaker – both its striking style and beautiful sound quality. As always, we’re happy to help so call us on 1300 VIDEOPRO, email us or jump on LiveChat if you have any questions

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