After many years of Bose ‘cube’ speakers, we can finally say goodbye and welcome in a new generation of the audio giant’s home theatre system speakers. Late in 2014 the company updated most of their consumer range of products, and for me the home theatre changes have been the most exciting.

They sound better than ever and I personally never really loved the look of the cube speakers so the new design is very welcome. They still feature the XY driver pattern internally but in a more standard looking form factor. We’re up to series three in the Lifestyle 525 and 535 5.1 systems and don’t forget the 235 and 135 systems for those in rentals or with smaller living areas. Still one of their most appealing features is the super easy setup and universal remote.

New Bose Lifestyle & Cinemate Systems
Both the Lifestyle and Cinemate ranges have been given a refresh so get in store to see what all the hype is about.

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