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This month I’d like you to introduce you to the latest data projector offering from NEC.

Replacing the NP410, NP510 and NP610 data projectors, NEC have re-vamped these models to include a host of new features and specifications and released the NPM260XG, NPM300XG and the NPM350XG data projectors respectively.

This new range has a stack of new features that vary depending on the model chosen.

The NPM260XG offers an improved lamp life of 5000 hours in standard mode, and 6000 hours in economy mode compared to the 4000 hours offered by its NP410 predecessor. In addition, the NPM260XG includes a HDMI input to keep those high definition signals ‘native’.


Like its NPM260XG little brother, the NPM300XG also includes a HDMI input, however now boasts a very impressive 2000:1 contrast ratio over the 500:1 by the NP510.

The most impressive feature upgrade from this latest offering from NEC would have to be with the new NPM350XG data projector. Replacing the NP610, this data projector offers a plethora of new features which include an upgrade from 7 to 10 watt internal speakers, dramatically improved contrast ratio, as well as a HDMI input. It weighs in at a light 2.9kgs, and therefore provides a great data projection solution.


Yes, this is a different projector!

All 3 new models also now offer 2 USB inputs for direct viewing of JPEG files from a USB storage device, as well as for wireless LAN capabilities with an optional wireless LAN unit.

To add to these fantastic new features, all models now include a greater zoom range, meaning that the position that the data projector needs to project from is a lot more versatile. This makes these projectors a very appealing option for those tricky installations that are impeded by bulkheads or other mounting obstructions.

For further information on these fantastic new data projectors from NEC, please don’t hesitate to contact me at a.tracey@videopro.com.au or call 1300 VIDEOPRO to speak with your Videopro Account Manager.

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