Videopro Business Centre is proud to announce that we are now a fully accredited NEC Spectraview Display partner. Designed for professionals with colour critical applications, SpectraView II combines the award winning NEC display monitor technology with sophisticated software. The result is highly accurate, reliable monitor with feature rich display calibration and profiling solution, ideal for graphic and photographic use.

NEC sets new standards in all fields of colour editing and visualisation. NEC LCD display solutions deliver uncompromising contour sharpness, colour reproduction and luminance, as well as featuring unparalleled coverage of the Adobe® RGB colour space. They have analysed the exacting requirements prevailing in the colour management sector and developed an innovative LCD display technology in close cooperation with leading colour editing industry professionals.

The SpectraView system uses a colour sensor to take colour measurements of the display screen during calibration. The software analyses these measurements and sends colour adjustment commands directly to the display monitor. This means that colour adjustments are made in the monitor rather than in the video graphics adapter, resulting in full use of the number of colours available on the graphics adapter and a much brighter image with the maximum possible colour gamut.

For more details on this exciting new partnership and NEC’s Spectraview products, contact us Robert Dew in our Broadcast & Production department on 1300 VIDEOPRO or email r.dew@videopro.com.au

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