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Hi Guys,

We’re pleased to announce the next five day Media Composer course is scheduled to begin from 23 August 2012. This course is a very detailed and thorough overview of the Avid Media Composer system. It’s an update to the long-running MC101 course! Rewritten especially for the current release, the duration of the course has been increased by five days to include not only the basic editing functions of the system but basic 2D effects, motion effects (including Timewarps) picture-in-picture, 3D Warp, nesting effects, introductory colour correction, image stabilisation, timecode plugin, file-based workflows, consolidating and transcoding, and file and disc based delivery! A very thorough and well-rounded course, indeed.

Session time is divided between demonstration and hands-on practice, with ample time for experimentation with sample material. No prior experience with Avid products is required but a solid working knowledge of the Windows and/or Macintosh operating system is essential.

Capturing media and preparing for editing
Organising source material in bins
Basic editing techniques with sync and non-sync material
Trimming and fine-tuning video and audio
Customising the system
Working in the timeline
Enhancing audio
Creating horizontal effects
Creating multilayered and nested effects
Basics of the 3D warp effect
Using keyframes
Understanding effects performance and rendering
Automatic colour correction
Creating titles
Creating motion effects
Managing projects and media
Outputting work

Thursday 23 August 2012
Friday 24 August 2012
Monday 27 August 2012
Tuesday 28 August 2012
Wednesday 29 August 2012

If you’re interested in attending, please contact me via email at d.thompson@videopro.com.au.

On a different note I came across a great little video on the Avid site called ProRes Pipelines. ProRes used to be a video codec format predominantly used by Final Cut editors. Today several cameras and field recorders, as well as recording, encoding and decoding devices support ProRes. The entire Media Composer family of editing systems also supports ProRes, enabling you to instantly access and edit clips, capture and export to the format, and even import FCP projects.

Whether you’re looking to take on new ProRes projects or work on existing ones, check out this video and discover the many ways you can work with ProRes media using the latest Avid editing software. It’s fast and super easy!

Media Composer ProRes Pipelines

Once again, if you would like to know more about ProRes or the Media Composer Training Courses please contact me via email or phone on 1300 VIDEOPRO.

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