Marantz make awesome audio gear and Videopro are now stocking their range of AV Receivers! They run alongside the Denon range which has served our customers very well for years, and we now have even more options. I thought a quick overview would be helpful.

The NR1504 is your solid entry level 5.1CH receiver. It doesn’t have a long list of features or connections but it does have Wifi built in so you can use Airplay/DLNA out of the box which is useful. Jump up to the NR1605 and you gain an extra two Channels plus some additional inputs. You can make use of them as a second zone if you like.

Next up is the SR range which steps up the audio quality quite a bit and also moves to a much larger chassis over the ‘slimline’ style of the NR range. The SR5009 is a big upgrade in power over the NR1605, as well as giving you even more digital inputs and pre-amp outputs if you want to pair it with an external amplifier. You can also make use of RS232C control from this model up.

The SR6009 and SR7009 give you 2 and 3 HDMI outputs respectively and another two audio channels (9) on the SR7009. You get better room calibration with the SR6009 and also a Phono input. Finally, for all those home theatre buffs, the SR7009 gives you Dolby Atmos decoding.

Marantz Premium AV Receviers
Without wanting to bore you, that’s the crux of the step up features. Marantz make awesome audio gear and we’re excited to range them. Have a look at the full range of features online and as always, we’re happy to help so call us on 1300 VIDEOPRO, email us or jump on LiveChat if you have any questions.

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