Jason Derry - General Manager
Jason Derry – Videopro Business Centre: General Manager

Hello and welcome to the refreshed and reinvigorated Videopro e-news! You may have already noticed plenty of changes to how we present ourselves to clients and contacts alike.

Recently, Videopro has undertaken a national expansion to become one of Australia’s premier audio visual and technology integrators and suppliers. As a prominent Queensland business proudly placed at number 45 on the Q400 list for 2010, we’re now moving towards a national presence.

Rest assured, our clients will continue to receive the same excellent customer service during this time. However, we now plan to provide that same customer service Australia wide. As a result, we’ve decided to create a new brand and marketing direction to reflect this change. Our goal is to unify our business across a variety of sectors while expanding our presence interstate.

With offices in Sydney and Melbourne, Videopro has taken the first steps towards increasing our presence on the Eastern coast. We hope you’re as excited as we are to ride the wave of change as Videopro becomes a nationally-recognised and renowned company in the near future.

Kind regards,

Jason Derry

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2 comments on “A message from the General Manager”

  1. Rex Holzhauser Says:

    Congratulations on your forward thinking. Expansion is always great BUT, don’t get so big that the average Joe who helped you get to this position becomes just a number, and the personal contact you had with your customers is forgotten. This has happened so often in the past, and the next thing you see is a company going into liquidation. Every best wish for the future. Rex

  2. Hey Rex,

    Thanks for the comment and I completely agree. We want our growth to bring greater benefit to our existing and local clients and not become a distraction away from them.

    We believe in personal contact and have a very strong focus on building and maintaining relationships.

    Thanks for the kind wishes!


    Business Development and Marketing Manager

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