A review has been posted for the Acoustic Technologies ALA02TS Transducer Loudspeaker 60W to our product page online. Acoustic Tech is known for high quality products and I’m glad to see our customer feels the same way!

‘Excellent professional product. Have used in audio installations at various cafes and restaurant jobs. Australian made which is always good! Really clean, transparent sound. The whole range of Acoustic Technologies installation products are second to none.’

It was given a 5 out of 5 rating by the client. If you’re interested in purchasing Acoustic Technologies products for yourself, please call 1300 VIDEOPRO or visit www.videopro.com.au for more information.


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One comment on “Loudspeaker review posted to website!”

  1. blackjack Says:

    Truly professional product. sound installations have been used in several bar and restaurant jobs. Australian made, which is always good! sound really clean, transparent. A wide range of technologies to install acoustic products is unparalleled.

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