Videopro Macgregor, in particular Amanda Wood, received some great feedback for their exceptional customer service, as mentioned here in this email sent to store manager Mark Chaplin….

“Dear Mark

I recently purchased a Sony surround sound package from your store, and I wanted to tell you how easy and enjoyable the shopping experience is in your store, and with your staff. I have already said thanks to Amanda for her help, and I wanted to let you know that I appreciated the help and assistance with features of the system, accessories and pricing, that Amanda provided.

I found Amanda to be very pleasant to deal with, was confident and knowledgeable, and most importantly was not pushy, impatient or overbearing.

Please pass on my thanks to Amanda for her assistance. Also please thank other store staff who assisted me, when I came back for a second look with my wife and my eldest boy on Monday. Again staff were very pleasant and helpful assisting with my eventual purchase.

By the way, the sound system is fantastic, I am very pleased with the system, video and audio quality. The system suits my room perfectly.

Thanks again for the help and assistance with my purchase.

J & B”

This is some really great feedback, Amanda and all the staff at Macgregor; well done!

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