Well done to James Constantinidis and Daniel Dellios of Videopro Carindale who, in assisting with the purchase and installation of her new television, have restored a woman’s faith in Gen Y…

“Hello Paul (Manager),

On Friday 20th November I purchased a TV from your store. James Constantinidis was the Salesman and was very pleasant and helpful and I asked if someone could install my new TV as soon as convenient. Because the usual installer was booked out, James arranged for Daniel (Dellios) to come to my unit on Saturday afternoon after work to put it all together.
I am writing to you because I want you to know that Daniel was so obliging and went out of his way to be helpful. He carried my big old TV out to his car to take it to the dump on his way home and returned a couple of days later to connect a new cable to my VCR which he considered needed replacing. Daniel also wrote out a few instructions in the use of the DVD and VCR and kindly stated that it was a ‘generation thing’ for older people to find it a bit of a challenge with new technology. All this was done in a very cheerful manner and his actions have restored my faith in the younger generation.

You should be very proud of your staff!

Kind regards,

Diana B

This is a fantastic story, gentlemen; well done.

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