Emily Forrest - Product Sales
Emily Forrest – Online Sales

As you may have noticed, the Videopro website has undergone some changes in the past month. We have refreshed and reinvented our old Videopro website to be more in-line with our company scope and to accurately reflect both our Consumer and Business markets.

Given the structure of the previous website, this is a significant change. However as the online team leader, I am happy to say that the changes are not stopping here and we are only in phase 1 of this exciting project.

The redevelopment will continue until mid October and leading up to that time both our business and consumer customers will start to notice a few things that will help them easily navigate through our website… But we’re too excited to keep them under wraps until then so here are some sneak peaks!

Users will start to see plenty of new content including buyer guides, customer reviews, professional product reviews and video. Not to mention training courses, professional development, community news and case studies!

Of course, all of this will be appearing in the next few months but for phase 1, we’ve given the site a few new look and allowed visitors to find what they are looking for in less ‘clicks’ – I encourage everyone to jump online and have a look at our new www.videopro.com.au. Take a look at our wide range of products, check out some of our projects or chat to one of our staff. We would love to hear your feedback!


If there is something that you want to see online but it’s not there, let us know so we can make it a better website for you. Simply email sales@videopro.com.au or leave feedback on our Facebook. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me personally on e.forrest@videopro.com.au.

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