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With the ever increasing popularity of the Apple iPad in various walks of life, it’s only natural that its popularity has extended into the classroom. However, the implementation of this ICT into this space has posed some obstacles, particularly when it comes to integrating the iPad into the Department of Education’s Managed Operating Environment (MOE).

With the assistance of your I.T personnel, iPads can now be integrated into the network allowing you to access all of the network based content such as email, internet, apps, iBooks and audiobooks, which the iPad is famous for.

Apple iPad 2

Please note that there are rules in place for both the purchase and use of iPads, so please consult your I.T personnel for the terms and conditions prior to purchase.

I’m sure most people will be familiar with the power of learning the iPad can bring to the classroom environment. On a recent Apple iPad training session the Videopro Education Team were able to see just how integral this piece of hardware can be to the development of students from Kindergarten to Year 12.

There were apps for math, science, language, geography, history, apps for technical drawing, cooking, 3D modelling, and even apps to make your own app!

As there are thousands of options, and an educational app can be found for just about anything, please take the time to run through them by clicking on this link.

iPad 2

In addition to the many resources provided by Apple, your Videopro Account Manager can guide you through all aspects of integrating this into your new or existing Audio Visual system in the classroom. And being an authorised iPad reseller with GITC certificate (Q145) we can even provide you with your iPads!

Please don’t hesitate in contacting your Videopro Account Manager at any stage of your iPad journey on (07) 3250 0000 or at education@videopro.com.au.

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4 comments on “iPad in the Classroom”

  1. Hi Aaron, hope you are well.

    Have you ever seen an Ipad transmit via wireless
    into an av system for display? If so what software/system is used?

    We are using Doceri which allows us to do a VNC type control of a PC that is connected to a display but its not quite the same thing.

    Kind regards

  2. We use an Apple TV connected to a large screen TV . With the latest iOS you can mirror the iPad on the tv using the network wireless.

  3. Peter Mattson Says:

    You should checkout the Samsung 10.1 it has much better specs without all the problems of a locked down system

  4. @Peter If I was going for a tablet I’d stick with the iPad rather than going for the Samsung. The ipad is a great piece of tech for the classroom as it allows teachers to make learning fun for younger students. For instance it can bring examples, stories and even maths to life making it much easier for some students to learn the hard subjects. I know it’s not practical for all schools, as there are financial contraints but in an ideal world every classroom should have one or two.

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