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The difference between different interactive technologies is one of the most common discussions I have with my clients. So, I’ve produced an easy to read table for those looking into interactive technologies that I may not get a chance to speak to on a regular basis.

What is an ‘Interactive Product’?

To begin with, I thought I’d provide a quick introduction on what an interactive product is. An interactive product is a display solution that connects to a computer, but allows the end-user to interact, through the display, with that computer.

In essence there are four solutions that are available: Interactive LCD’s, Interactive Whiteboards, Interactive Projectors, and Portable Interactive Solutions.

The Categories

Most of my readers will be from the education sector and will probably have heard of the different solutions that are available, so I won’t go into too much detail on each category (for fear of sending you to sleep!). I have previously written about the differences between Interactive Whiteboards and Interactive Televisions, so if you’re interested in finding out more about these products, I’d encourage you to view my article ‘Interactive Whiteboard and Touch Screen Comparison’. Likewise, to find out more about interactive projectors, you can also view another article I’ve written ‘Interactive Projectors an Affordable Alternative’.

The last category I compare is the ‘Portable Interactive Solution’ category. This is essentially a product that takes an existing projector and makes it interactive.

Table Comparison

Below is a table that compares the common features that are found in interactive products. I’ve highlighted, in green, the best product/s, for each of the features I’ve listed. Note that this comparison is generic and, as there are lots of different manufacturers and products out there, I can’t guarantee it is 100% accurate. For the purpose of a generic comparison however, I’m sure it will do the job just fine.

Table Comparison

Table Analysis

In summary, the Interactive LCD is the stand-out winner for most features. It’s current downsides are that it’s not quite as cost-effective as some of the other solutions and the capabilities in terms of size are still limited.

However, we are quickly seeing the market develop and in the not too distance future, perhaps one to two years, we should see interactive LCD’s (or perhaps OLED’s, or a different technology) regularly match the size of today’s interactive whiteboards and cost the same, or even less!

Like most things, there’s a lot more to each product than a simple table can describe. So, for specific advice, don’t hesitate to contact me via email at a.grigg@videopro.com.au or call 1300 VIDEOPRO.

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