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Interactive LED Panels in the classroom is now a reality.

While interactive projectors and IWB’s continue to grow in popularity, one item that has always been on the wish list, but has been just a little too expensive is the Interactive LED Screen.

InFocus Interactive Display

As both commercial and consumer panels get larger and cheaper, the reality of an affordable Interactive LED Screen for the classroom has now arrived.
Revtek Interactive Display
The benefits of these big screens are vast, with the major one being no need for drivers or any calibration! You just plug your laptop via USB and you’re set to go!

With these screens sporting a super bright full HD resolution, the picture quality is crisp and easy to read from the back of the room, even in the brightest classrooms. With a low running cost, no bulbs to replace, and a long life expectancy, these screens tick all of the boxes.

We’ve done the research and are excited to offer several high quality brands and sizes, which cover the full gamut of needs and price points.

Be sure to talk to your Education Team Member about the exciting new range, or arrange to come into Videopro HQ for a demonstration.

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