Todd Berlin - Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales
Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales

‘Interchangeable Lens Camera’ is a mouthful so I’m going to simply use ‘hybrid’ to save you getting tongue-tied. What is this you ask? Hybrid cameras are the happy medium between DSLRs and compact cameras. As the name suggests, their lenses are interchangeable giving you great flexibility (lens-mount type is generally brand specific), but the size of the camera bodies are very small in comparison to DSLRs which are large and cumbersome.

The biggest advantage though, is that the sensors in these cameras are many times larger than those in their compact counterparts. Four thirds and APS-C sized sensors are the most common (have a look at this info page for more info) and the beauty of this is that you get awesome low-light performance and bokeh (blurry backgrounds).

Sony A6000 Hybrid Camera
Along with the big sensor, you get much nicer glass (lenses) – a good combination! Not only do you get the flexibility of different lenses from the given brand and mount of your camera, but any other lenses via adapters. This is awesome for photo buffs who already have a DSLR and/or lenses and perhaps want a smaller body to travel with or as a back up.

Hybrid cameras have the potential to produce images of just as high quality as DSLRs while remaining very easy to use. If you want to take your photographs to the next level, Hybrid cameras are a great way to do that.

Panasonic GH4 Camera
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