Hitachi partners with the Australian Institute of Sport to introduce education technology to classrooms every week

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA, Monday 22nd February – In a move to provide primary school teachers with the latest educational technology to increase classroom interaction, Hitachi is partnering with the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) to giveaway Hitachi StarBoards and ultra short throw projectors every week to support the launch of the health and physical education resource, Get the AIS into your Classroom.

The Get the AIS into your Classroom resource aims to provide teachers with the know-how to assist students in creating better attitudes towards greater physical activity and living a healthy lifestyle.

The AIS Starboard Challenge will kick off the launch of the Get the AIS into your Classroom resource, which will see an Australian primary school win a Hitachi FX-TRIO StarBoard and CP-A52 Ultra Short Throw projector package every week of the school year from March 1, 2010.

Hitachi is providing 36 of its FX-TRIO Interactive Whiteboards and CP-A52 Ultra Short Throw projectors to the AIS Starboard Challenge giving a number of lucky schools the chance to introduce increased interactivity to their classrooms.

Hitachi’s projectors and interactive whiteboards have been specifically designed to enhance the experience in education institutions by aiding learning and giving teachers and students the opportunity to creatively use technology in the classroom. The Hitachi FX-TRIO Starboard facilitates hands-on learning and combined with the added benefits of CP-A52’s ultra short throw projection abilities, presents schools with the opportunity to update and improve teaching efficiencies.

“Supporting the AIS Starboard Challenge is the perfect fit to help us achieve our goal of providing schools around Australia with the latest in education technology innovations. We would like to see students not only keep their bodies fit and healthy but their minds too, through the enhanced classroom interactivity offered by the Hitachi StarBoard Interactive Whiteboards and Ultra Short Throw projectors.” said Dipak Kumar, General Manager, Digital Technology Solutions Group at Hitachi Australia.

The AIS StarBoard Challenge is open to all of Australia’s government and non-government primary schools and can be entered at www.ausport.gov.au/aisclassroom.

Successful schools in the AIS Starboard Challenge will demonstrate how good health and nutrition is being encouraged at their campus and will also complete an educational nutrition quiz online.

To participate in the AIS StarBoard Challenge and be eligible to receive one of the 36 Hitachi FX-TRIO StarBoard and CP-A52 Ultra Short Throw projector packages available, primary schools must:

1. Register their school – only primary school teachers will have authority to do this – on the dedicated website aisclassroom.com.au . In the registration process, teachers must outline how good health and nutrition are encouraged at their school.

2. Demonstrate student involvement in the Challenge through participation in an educational nutrition quiz online.

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