With the excitement of the new Samsung NX1 recently landing in stores, we decided to size it up to one of its closest competitors, the Panasonic GH4.
Both semi-pro cameras have similar specs, price and are both extremely popular in the current market; so which do you think is best?


Both cameras were made with weather sealed bodies, however the NX1 is slightly slimmer at 66mm and the GH4 at 84mm.
This makes the NX1 lighter by 10g, plus Samsung cameras usually come with lighter lenses. Both cameras have adequate grip and are easy to hold. Both models allow the LCD display to flip around, however the GH4 screen allows you to view whilst on the other side of the lens. This is very handy for bloggers and movie makers etc.

If you need to capture an action shot you will need to consider the Auto Focus capabilities. The GH4 has an AF of 0.07s, whereas the NX1 can AF within 0.055s. This also has 153 cross-type sensors for edge-to-edge focus coverage, which allows you to focus on numerous points on the screen.

The frames per second are also important whilst shooting moving objects. The NX1 has 15 FPS and the GH4 has 12. Usually 5 fps is enough, however the higher the better. The NX1 allows for more options whilst shooting and also provides a clearer image as its paired with better auto focus capabilities.

A camera that allows you to capture a clear image in low light is always a winner in my books. Both these models have a flash which helps, but not everyone is keen on a ghost face image. The NX1 has a high IOS which also allows you to shoot with virtually no noise, up until you hit 25,600. The GH4 can reach an IOS of 1,600 without achieving a grainy image.

Everyone seems to be moving towards 4K imaging, however if you don’t have a 4K TV then it is irrelevant whether there is 4K available or not. Both models have 4K video recording however the NX1 captures video in HEVC (H.265) which allows for extreme detail whilst only consuming half the memory space. The NX1 captures in true colour and the image quality is spectacular and sharp. The GH4 has more green tones however also produces a very clear image.


Overall both cameras are exceptional and each excel at different things.

If you want to film kids or sports the NX1 is the clear winner. You can pause on each frame whilst filming and the NX1 will usually produce a clear sharp image. The only downside is the lenses for the NX1 are dearer and the range is smaller than the GH4.

For the casual filmmaker who requires shooting blogs or small films in 4k the GH4 is the better option. There is a greater and more affordable range of lenses which is great for a blogger on a budget. The NX1 still has great potential however the lenses were the deciding factor.

Both models are great as point and shoot cameras, however the NX1 is more capable of producing a clearer sharper image in an action shot.

The verdict is – the NX1 is the overall semi pro champion, however it really does depend on what you require your camera for.

Emily Persson – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales

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