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FUJIFILM Optical Devices Division introduced the new Fujinon ZK 4.7×19 cost effective 35mm PREMIER PL mount zoom lens for the first time at this year’s NAB Show in Las Vegas. Such was the popularity of the lens that the company took over 250 orders at the show with more being confirmed the following week!!

The ZK 4.7×19 features a unique detachable drive unit, flange focal distance adjustment and macro function and is Lens Data System (LDS) and i-metadata compatible.Fujinon ZK

For many digital cinema camera applications, there is a need for high optical quality, features and performance in a compact and lightweight zoom design. To fulfil this need FUJIFILM has newly developed the Fujinon PREMIER PL mount compact lens series featuring an exclusive and unique ‘Detachable Servo Drive Unit’. The new highly advanced removable drive unit is based upon ergonomic engineering concepts as well as the pursuit of ease of use and imaginative design. Lawrie Hitchens, National Sales Manager for Fujinon added, “These Fujinon PREMIER PL mount compact zoom lenses combine quality, flexibility and mobility for all requirements. Macro adjustment is not normal on this type of lens so the ZK 4.7×19 is ahead of the game. Also, LDS and i-metadata compatibility is very useful when a customer wants to record the position information of zoom and focus for post computer animation. The T2.9 brightness of this lens is as good as the 19mm to 90mm range. This combined with the fact that it only weighs 2.7kg including servo motors, makes the ZK 4.7×19 one of the most attractive, cost effective PL mount lenses on the market today.”
Fujinon ZK
Fujinon also launched two new compact HD lenses, each featuring technical firsts in their size, at the 2012 NAB Show. The two new HDTV lenses, which expand their respective product lines, are the HA19x7.4BERM/BERD 2/3-inch Premier Series high-performance HD ENG/EFP production lens and the XA19x7.4BESM compact, HDTV studio and field box-style lens.

If you would like to know more about these products, please contact the Broadcast & Production Team at production@videopro.com.au.

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  1. The ZK 4.7×19 looks like just what I have been wanting to use with my Red Epic. At the moment I have been using three times zoom lenses which means a lot of lens changes through out a days shoot. This lens would be great. It would be fantastic for Run and gun shoots too.

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