Firstly, this is one very easy camera to use. Having videoed conferences over 3 days where I have needed nearly 20 tapes and sometimes forgot to change the tape or put in the wrong tape and then needed a fair amount of time to sort through the tapes and transfer to the PC, I find the Flip refreshingly easy. Connecting via the USB port and just dragging and dropping the files is great.

The next most impressive feature to me is the quality in such an in-expensive camera. I find the resolution more than adequate for recording most activities; either family events or school events such as speeches, presentations, excursions and sporting events.

The embedded software is helpful and it is good that I can plug it into my MacBook or my PC and have it work on both. The only issue with the software is that I prefer to do more advanced editing before uploading to websites such as youTube.

The size and ease of use and auto recharge while plugged into the PC are all impressive. The simplicity of the interface is also great as anyone can use it with very little training so I had my youngest child (10) using it very quickly and effectively.

The 2x zoom is a little limiting, but really distracts very little from the overall effectiveness and quality of this great new camera.
I highly recommend it to all but the professional cameraman!

Regards, Paul

St Peters Lutheran College


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