Jeff Archer - Product Sales
Jeff Archer – Videopro Business Centre: Product Sales

Many of you may have heard of Cisco’s recent announcement that they are ceasing production of all Flip related products worldwide effective immediately. Of course, this news came as a great shock to nearly everyone in the audio visual industry (including us!) and because Cisco is a public company the decision was announced without any prior warning.

The Flip range of products have been a massive hit since we first introduced them in Australia nearly two years ago and schools around the country have marvelled at their quality video and simple use. I first want to assure everyone that at the present time, nothing will be changing in relation to the product’s availability and support.

Cisco have large quantities of product in the Asia Pacific region and they have informed us that it will be business as usual from their point of view. Warranty support will still be provided by Videopro so if you have an existing Flip product or are considering a purchase, please take comfort in the fact your product will still be fully supported.

Moving forward, we will endeavour to keep you up to date on all the latest news in relation to this range of products and their availability however, if you have any questions in the meantime please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff for clarification.

If you’d like to find out more, please don’t hesitate to call 1300 VIDEOPRO or email j.archer@videopro.com.au.

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