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Hi All,

Avid is announcing the ‘Final Sale Date’ of Media Composer v5.5 and Newscutter v9.5 software. This is the final version of software that supports a 32bit Operating System.

June 30, 2013 will be the last day that the Media Composer v5.5 and Newscutter v9.5 software products will be orderable or available for sale. Avid has continued to sell Media Composer v5.5 and NewsCutter v9.5 in order to provide software options for customers who were unable to upgrade their operating systems from 32bit to 64bit. As new systems are released with 64bit operating system support only, and as software is continuing to be optimzed to benefit from 64bit performance, Avid has decided to stop selling new seats of v5.5/v9.5 software. While this decision was not made lightly, Avid believes that by upgrading to the latest software releases and faster operating systems, customers will benefit greatly.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at d.thompson@videopro.com.au or until next time happy editing!

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