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Dan Macready – Videopro Business Solutions: Education

The Videopro Education team are thrilled to announce that we’re the only appointed resellers for FrontRow systems in Queensland. Our partnership with FrontRow has been prospering for many months but this announcement shows that our commitment to this technology is beginning to pay off in the Queensland Education sector.

However, soundfield technology hasn’t been widely adopted as yet due to a lack of awareness of what exactly the product does and how it can benefit classroom situations. Our brand is associated with every product we endorse and we’re proud to stand behind the FrontRow range as appointed Queensland suppliers. We want to help you understand how the product works and what you can expect from a FrontRow system.

FrontRow systems are a non-invasive method of delivering more effective communication to each and every student in the classroom environment.

Here is an example of how a FrontRow system will look in most classrooms:

FrontRow Classroom
Although the system can be easily obscured from view, the outcomes can’t be overlooked as easily!

FrontRow Classroom
In a five month study of first-grade students, the FrontRow classrooms had twice as many children achieving significant literacy gains. However, it’s difficult to understand exactly what impact this will have on a student’s confidence and capability in the classroom. As Australian schools continue to adopt the technology, we’d like to turn your attention to results found in American classrooms.

We’ve discussed the issue of teacher vocal fatigue with plenty of Australian schools so far and one of the better videos we’ve found to resolve some concerns comes from the perspective of a teacher:

To find out more about which products are available, please click here to view the full FrontRow range.

The evidence for FrontRow is strong but I’d be happy to address any concerns or interests you have in a particular system. Please feel free to call me on 1300 VIDEOPRO or email d.macready@videopro.com.au.

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