Yet again, the Live Chat function of our website www.videopro.com.au has impressed customers!

Live Chat is here to help!

We received the following email late last week from a new visitor to the site.

“To whom it may concern,

Over the past week I’ve been doing some research on TVs. Eventually it came down to the new LG LD560, SL90/9000 and the SL80/8000. After googling the SL80, Video pros website came up as one of the hits, got some brief SL80 info off that and noticed the live help.

Live help is great, incredibly relevant to today’s internet connected society, it’s a lot more convenient than using a phone because any waits/delays can be filled in with doing computer stuff.

So I tried it out and got Sarah K

Short story, Sarah K was a great help and ultimately led me to purchasing from Video Pro.

Over 2 days Sarah K helped me figure out additional TVs. Greatest of all she was able to get otherwise unobtainable information on the LG LD560. She went as far as actually calling LG to get a spec sheet for the LD560, which is not even on LGs American or Australian website. Once she got the spec sheet she promptly emailed it to me without any fuss (after gaining permission to do so). This amazing speed of service and “can do attitude” is definitely an asset to Video Pro.


By using the Live Chat function, the user is able to engage with our experience product specialists who provide up-to-the-minute information and pricing. Videopro prides itself on exceptional customer service and we’re proud to re-create our in-store experience online! Try it out for yourself today!

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