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Epson EB-595Wi Finger-Touch Interactive Projector

Love the functionality of an Finger-Touch Interactive Whiteboard?

Love the ease of use of an Interactive Projector, but don’t like using the dedicated pen?

Enter – the new Epson EB-595Wi Finger-Touch Interactive Projector!

Off the back of Epson’s resounding success with its EB-475Wi Interactive Projector that has been a ‘powerhouse’ in the Education sector, Epson have announced the upcoming arrival of the EB-595Wi that not only offers the dual-pen functionality, but now the ability to use this Interactive Projector as a Finger-Touch solution.

And did I mention – it’s also ‘multi-touch’ enabled which allows you to ‘pinch’ to shrink and expand, and allows for multiple users on the device (up to 6 points of touch) without the need for the dedicated pens.

The new EB-595Wi is somewhat brighter than that of the older EB-475Wi offering a resounding 3300 Ansi Lumen Brightness in the same small form factor Ultra Short Throw Chassis. It’s also one of the first to market with 2 HDMI inputs onboard.

Now while you might say “2 HDMI inputs? Big deal!”, let me assure you as an Audio Visual Integrator – this 2nd HDMI input is worth its weight in gold!

With the ever-growing trend to present wirelessly, it allows you to connect a wireless streaming device with a HDMI output – directly to the Interactive Projector, whilst still having the main laptop connected. This not only saves your back pocket by removing the need for switchers and external ‘boxes’, but also removes the cost of an extra power outlet.

In addition, should you have an extra requirement for this 2nd HDMI input (maybe a blu-ray player for example), wireless projection and interactivity may be achieved by purchasing the additional wireless LAN card.

As per the older EB-475Wi, the new EB-595Wi comes with an on-board 16watt speaker and utilises the same ‘Easy Interactive’ software package that is designed with simplicity in mind, and the new ‘Projector Control Tool Bar’ allows you to control the projector (switch sources, zoom, volume up/down etc.) using the Interactive Pen.

There are a plethora of new functions available on this ‘improved classic’, so don’t hesitate in calling your Videopro Account Manager for further information.

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