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Wow! What a trip we’ve had over the last month!

As you may be aware, the Education Team conducted free Professional Development Workshops throughout October and November at various locations up and down the east coast of Australia.

Pat Byrne – Videopro’s Emerging Technologies Expert, headed up the expedition with various members of the Team, who joined Pat at different stages of the trip.

Taking in educational facilities from the NSW & QLD borders, all the way up to Cairns, Pat and the team invited schools in the area to join them on a free workshop that encompassed:

  • Best IWB practices
  • Free Web Based Resources
  • Integrating Accessories with IWB’s
  • Tablet devices in the classroom
  • Interactive LCD Screens
  • Videoconferencing
  • And many fun and engaging activity ideas
  • Being a former teacher himself, Pat knew how to connect to each participant within the group and catered for all levels of understanding of these practices. Having travelled through copious amounts of countryside, Pat had time to reflect and make each session informative, and entertaining ensuring they were never the same.

    A big thank you to all of our ‘Host Schools’ that not only provided the venue and facilities for these sessions, but were all so friendly and accommodating to not only Videopro, but also members from surrounding educational institutions.

    When we weren’t in a workshop we would visit schools within the area to make sure that all the data projectors were correctly aligned, filters were clean, and technology was working to the best of its ability. We even threw in a few free personalised workshops during lunchtime hours.

    To all of those who attended, a big ‘Thank You’! And for all of those who couldn’t make it – we hope to catch you on our next Professional Development Road Show.

    Road Show Wrap

    If you want us to visit your school on our next Road Show, please email education@videopro.com.au.

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