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Craig Mosely – Videopro Business Solutions: Education

For some time now, many new classrooms have included digital connectivity in the form of HDMI. HDMI has offered many new advantages, such as crisp, high resolution picture quality and widescreen to show your computer desktop in its correct ratio. But with new laptops no longer coming equipped with a VGA connection, HDMI is starting to become a necessity for ALL classrooms.

So what happens if you have an older classroom without HDMI that still has a few years left in it?

Well, you have a couple of options…

1. Your system may be digital ready! If this is the case, you may only require an inexpensive cable and wall plate upgrade by our Technicians.
2. If your system is not digital ready, you may go wireless with a Wireless Presenter. A Wireless Presenter is a box that mirrors the screen of your laptop using the school wireless network… but more on that next time.

Not sure which way you need to go? Call your Videopro Education Account Manager and we will help guide you to your best solution.

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