Denon have jumped on the Bluetooth speaker bandwagon with finesse, launching the Envaya and Envaya Mini portable Bluetooth speakers. They join Bose, JBL, Sony, Beats and many others with similar offerings, and while late to the party they’re certainly impressive.

The two models will do the same thing for you – they both connect via Bluetooth (or 3.5mm jack input) to your phone/tablet/mp3 player and pump out your music. The Mini is splash-proof and has a microphone so you can take calls, while the larger version can charge your mobile device via USB when you’re out and about.

Denon Envaya Bluetooth Speaker
The Envaya Mini packs a solid punch for its size. To me it’s basically the best model in its class in terms of sound quality and has plenty of level as well. The Envaya is awesome outdoors – some say it’s less ideal inside with the bass being too much at times however the quality overall is very good.

Denon Envaya Mini Bluetooth Speaker
Plus, visually they look great to me. On the Envaya you can change the coloured speaker grill for different options and it even has a convenient little pop out stand. The Envaya Mini is designed to be used either lying down or standing up on its end – plenty of flexibility for wherever you take it.

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