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Free software…Did that get your attention?

Thought it might and here’s the funny bit, it’s true. So what’s this free software going to do for me? Glad you asked. One of the nicer things about using Avid Media Composer and Symphony is their media management. No other editing system I’ve used gives me the confidence of deleting media like these two editing packages. However, there are times when it’s late at night or I’ve had one too many celebratory drinks where I’ve deleted items out of my bins and not deleted the actual media off the hard drive. This is what we refer to as “orphaned media”.

Archive R

How do I take care of this orphaned media? There are a number of ways, however, one of the easiest ways I’ve found, is using a little software package called Archive R by Ocean Systems. It has the ability to scan your project folders and media drives to find orphan files. Once these files are identified you can use Archive R to delete them. Yes, it’s that simple! Archive R also has the ability to delete projects, bins, attics, and media in one operation.

Archive R’s main purpose in life is to archive projects and media which it does in one very neat operation. But if you’re after this part of software then “show me the money”! Having said that, the software does give you three trials of this archiving process. If on the other hand, you just want to delete projects, media, and orphan files then no money changes hands – free software!

If you want to know more about Archive R then drop me a quick email at d.thompson@videopro.com.au or click here.

Until next time, happy editing and deleting media.

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