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Alastair Grigg – Videopro Business Centre: Education

Hi everyone,

Just over two years ago, we here at Videopro created a document that explained the different types of technology that are commonly used within the Education sector, which we refer to as standard throw, short-throw and ultra short-throw projectors.


With Christmas fast approaching and lots of installations due to occur over the December/January holidays, I thought it was timely to revisit this document and help to provide information that may assist you in choosing your data projector solution. It’s been slightly refined and also updated to reflect today’s price points and I trust you will find it as useful today as it was two years ago, when short-throw and ultra short-throw projectors really started to become commonplace.

We’ve put this into a brochure into PDF form so that it can be easily downloaded, shared, printed or referred to at a later time. Please feel free to find the document here and, as always, I welcome any feedback you may have.


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