It’s splendid to have received so many customer compliments in the first few days of 2010! Well done to the Videopro Business Centre Product Sales team who assisted a client and managed to give them a fantastic shopping experience…

Thanks so much Yasmin, you and your team are brilliant, I will definitely be recommending your website to friends and family.

Thanks again and have a fantastic Christmas


Then on Christmas Eve…

Hi Yasmin,

My Husband just went and picked the Flip up from the post office. I cannot thank you enough for all your efforts to get it here before Christmas. You and your team are absolutely amazing! You have one very very happy customer. I really appreciate all of the time and effort to get the package here and to follow it up every step of the way.

Thanks again, and I hope to make more purchases from you in the near future.

Have a lovely Christmas.

Nice work, team! Looks like you have made a customer extremely happy!

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