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Continuing with my last two reviews on the Atmos Ninja and Samurai products, here is another exciting release!

It’s called Connect, a portable HDMI-HDSDI converter and will be shipping late this year. It was recently announced at the IBC 2011 show. For those that aren’t familiar, IBC is the leading global tradeshow for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of broadcasting media and entertainment –
I haven’t attended, but maybe I’ll get to go next year, if I’m lucky.

The Connect is the ultimate portable, battery-powered conversion tool. Connecting HD-SDI to HDMI (Connect S2H) or HD-SDI to HDMI (Connect H2S), it removes Pulldown (reverse-telecine) where necessary, and includes an inbuilt test pattern and audio tone generator for confidence – all in a compact, rugged and modular form-factor.

Connect stack
Connect’s clever design means that they can be used stand-alone, or attached unobtrusively, to any device with a Sony NP battery plate (or other similar mounting systems with an adaptor plate). Up to 6 Connect converters can be rackmounted using an Atomos rackmount adaptor; multiple Connects can be stacked and powered from a single battery source.

And guess what? These units will fit onto the back of the Ninja and the Samurai. The price is $379.00, making it a handy little solution.

For more information on the Connect, visit the following site – or feel free to give me a call on 07 3250 0000 or email w.newton@videopro.com.au

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