Videopro Business Centre was proud to host the first Asia Pacific “Colourist Strategies” Training Course
presented by International Colorist Academy (ICA) co-founder, Warren Eagles, on Wednesday 27th January

Warren Eagles at Colourist Training Course

The first of its kind to be held in Australia, the 3-day course attracted the attention of students from across the
Asia Pacific region, including students from Nepal, Singapore, and Australia’s East Coast. The course aimed to
provide colourists with the toolset to maximise their abilities and gain an edge on their competition.

One of the attendees, Helen Elliott, said she learnt a lot of techniques she could apply in her work. “I enjoyed
the class, and as someone new to Colour correction, it was a terrific introduction, hands-on and realistic,” Ms
Elliott said, “I feel I now have the skills to start grading with some creative targets and directions in mind,”

Mr Eagles, who is also an internationally renowned Freelance Colourist having worked on award winning
commercials, and music and drama projects, was thoroughly impressed with the turn out and believes the
students gained a great deal in participating. The small group numbers ensured there was plenty of valuable
one-on-one time with each student and everyone was learning to their level of skill.

Already gaining success in Europe and the Americas, participation in the ICA training course is a valuable asset
to anyone in the film industry or those simply looking to sharpen their skills. The team at Videopro Business
Centre and ICA were very excited to present this fantastic training opportunity to the Asia Pacific region for the
first time.

Colourist Training Course

Videopro Business Centre’s Broadcast & Production Account Managers, David Thompson and Ivan Poznik, said
they had received a great response from many interested students.

“We were very excited to be able to present this course in-house,” Mr Thompson said, “The Videopro Business
Centre, and the whole of Australia, hasn’t seen this type of training before; Warren and the ICA have done a
fantastic job, we look forward to working together again in 2010,”

The Videopro Business Centre and ICA will be releasing more dates for the 3-day “Colourist Strategies” Training
Course later this year.

Colourist Training Course

The ICA provides a range of training courses geared towards colourists and post production facilities. Founded
by Colourists Kevin Shaw, Rich Montez, and Warren Eagles, the team have approximately 60 years of grading
experience between them gained from working in all forms of the Colour Correction Industry. The ICA currently
holds training courses in Europe, US and now the Asia Pacific region.

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