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Mondopad - Bigger is Better!

What is the Mondopad?

Last month
(click here to read) I talked about Touch Screen LCD products and how they compare with Interactive Whiteboards.

It’s an exciting time for collaborative based technology, not to mention highly relevant with the 2012 launch of the new Australian Curriculum. The Mondopad is a solution that has only just been released in Australia and, I have to say, no collaborative technology product has excited me the way this product has.

The product is a self-proclaimed ‘Giant Touch Tablet’ and it integrates some key technologies which aren’t seen in other touch screen LCD solutions. Before getting into specific details of the Mondopad, it essentially combines:

• The flexibility and ease-of-use of a touch-screen interactive whiteboard
• The power of a fully functional Windows 7 computer
• The collaboration opportunities of video conferencing and collaborative based software
• The polish of a large and bright, high resolution display

Tech Specs

Diving a little deeper, the monitor is a 55” inch Full HD (1920 x 1080 progressive) display, with a multi-touch overlay.
Mondopad Tech Specs
The computer that is built-in is a removable Intel i5 PC which runs Windows 7 Professional and comes bundled with Microsoft Office 2010 (including Word, Excel and PowerPoint). The built-in computer allows you to start using the system immediately and as a result it’s the easiest interactive product I’ve ever used, as you don’t need to worry about plugging in any cables. Of course those users who want to use their own laptop, for instance to take advantage of pre-installed software on their computer, can connect easily through one of the many connectivity options that are available; which include, but are not limited to VGA, HDMI (2x), RJ45 (2x), component, composite, RS232, and USB (6x) inputs.

Video Conferencing and Collaboration Features

Mondopad Connectivity

As mentioned, the tablet also has a high definition 720p camera with 4 integrated microphones, which means that it has the capability to be used for video conferencing. It is a versatile video conferencing solution that works with many software packages, from the consumer level (e.g. Skype, Google Talk, and Webex) right up to working as an end point for Telepresence infrastructure such as Polycom and Cisco systems.

The bundled Mondopad software works well, but from an interactive whiteboard perspective I wouldn’t call it cutting edge as it offers the same sort of features that are seen with many interactive whiteboard packages. The software does look fantastic though, largely due to the quality of the high resolution screen.

One of the unique things that the software does is allow presentations to be shared, viewed and controlled within a local network environment, or even remotely through the internet. This collaboration capability extends from the traditional laptop or desktop, through Mondopad applications that are available to more mobile devices such as the iPad or iPhone. I haven’t had a chance to test this with different networks with varying levels of security, but during the demonstration I witnessed, connecting and viewing the presentations was easy and straightforward.

Mondopad - Video Conferenceing and Features


This product has recently launched in the US and has already attracted very positive feedback from some big names. Telepresence Options magazine gave Mondopad the “Best of Show” award in the Videoconference Appliance category at InfoComm 2011, whilst John Walker from the IT Department at Harvard University said “We choose Mondopad because it provides flexibility within existing current infrastructure, and its quick learning curve for our professors and staff.”

Overall, the Mondopad combines some common technologies, but into a package that looks, feels and performs like a groundbreaking product. As mentioned in my ‘Interactive Whiteboards Compared with Touch Screen LCD’s’ article, it may be a bit small in some classroom environments, however the combination of the brilliant screen and collaboration tools mean the product is likely to be very popular in the Education sector, regardless. With rumours that InFocus are in the process of developing a smaller version for cost sensitive situations and a larger solution for environments were a bigger screen size is required, this really is a category and a brand worth keeping an eye on.

For more information or Education pricing on the product, please contact me on 1300 VIDEOPRO or a.grigg@videopro.com.au.

Mondopad features, at a glance:

Mondopad Features

Video Demonstrations:

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