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Collaboration is currently the Buzz word in the world of AV. What was once seen as a concept primarily for the Education sector, now sees the Government and Corporate sectors jumping on the ‘Collaboration Wagon’, which means offerings for such systems are varied and plentiful!

Many of these new ideas have great intentions, but require a high level of IT knowledge just to get connected! This is where consumers seem to lose their effectiveness, as they see it being a timely and costly process to set-up.

Extron Electronics have gone back to basics with a new pre-configured digital collaboration system for groups of four or six users, called TeamWork.

TeamWork enables up to six students to share their work on a screen by simply attaching their Laptop or Tablet to one of four (or six) HDMI ‘Show Me’ cables to start the system. As soon as a signal is detected, power is directed to the display. By pressing the ‘Share’ button on one of the ‘Show Me’ input cables, the display automatically selects the appropriate input with the ‘Share Me’ button lighting up for easy identification.

With a purpose built table box to house the ‘Show Me’ cabling, a simple system design and no reliance on wired or wireless networks, the TeamWork system requires little to no support. It is the ultimate plug and play collaboration system.

Would your Classroom or Library benefit from TeamWork?

If you would like more information on TeamWork or would like to know more about other collaboration systems on offer, please contact either myself at c.mosely@videopro.com.au, or your Videopro Account Manager on 1300 VIDEOPRO.

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