While it’s perhaps a little slow to the party, we welcome the Canon G7X to the high end compact market.

To me, the main distinguishing features of premium compact cameras are the sensor, lens and manual controls. The G7X has a really great 1” sensor – we’re told is the same Sony made one that’s found in the RX100 Mark III. Pair that with a bright 24-100mm F/1.8-2.8 lens and you get great low light performance and DSLR-like quality (plus beautiful blurry backgrounds) in a tiny package.

Canon G7X Premium Compact Camera
Professionals and enthusiasts could certainly do worse as a pocketable backup for when a DSLR is not practical. You can use manual focus, there’s a dedicated exposure compensation wheel below the Mode Dial and best of all, you can shoot RAW!

On the other end of the scale, it has a cool flippy screen. Also, like many current compact cameras, you can share your selfies easily with NFC and Wifi built-in.

Video capture is decent. 1080p/60 fps in MP4 format at 34Mbps is the highest quality which is nothing to sneeze at. This isn’t the camera for you if Video is high on your list of priorities though, as manual control is fairly primitive during recording.

Overall, a nice camera – feature wise I still like the RX100 Mark III in this domain but the G7X feels good in your hands too.

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