Recently, we featured an article about the RM range of educational toys and resources in our monthly Education e-news. Videopro is very excited to stock the range and displayed items at the State Conferences attended in June and July. The response has been huge and plenty of teachers have come forward with their opinions and experiences in applying these products in Australian classrooms.

However, my favourite has been Margaret-Mary Opstelten from Gladstone Central State School. Margaret-Mary is a supporter of the Videopro Business Centre and took it upon herself to send us the following e-mail:

“It is great to see you are now a stockist for the RM range of educational products. Absolutely love their equipment.

I am a PE teacher and have found a million uses for the Talking Points (circuit activities, adding a voice to a static display, reinforce instructions for individual activities).

I also use the Dance to Advance to assist with theoretical terms and concepts – students actually get excited about theory!

The Easi-Speak microphone is great for recording discussions for assessment so that I can listen back later – so easy to transfer to the computer & edit into a podcast.

Love the Easi-View visualiser for use with instructions in our outside multi-purpose centre. Can project image from iPod touch & instructions so that class can work through together as I go – so much easier than holding my iPod Touch & trying to explain what to do next

And let’s not get started with BeeBots & ProBots – a new dimension to making and planning a cross country course

Well done VideoPro for supporting RM

Still loving my Flip that I got from you last year – not a week would go by that I haven’t used it

Teaching is so exciting

Margaret-Mary Opstelten
Gladstone Central State School”

It’s thrilling to see the enthusiasm that teachers share for the RM products and we look forward to hearing of more classroom applications in the near future.

To find out more about the RM range, please contact us on 1300 VIDEOPRO or visit www.videopro.com.au.

RM Range

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