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The BETT Show is considered one of the worlds best conferences for educators to learn more about technology in Education. It has loads of workshops and technology that is completely focused on the Education market. Being Education focused there were a lot of K-12 teachers and Tertiary educators in attendance, to learn more about what technology is available and what is on the road map.

BETT Show; London 2013We noticed that there is definitely a trend moving towards large format interactive LCD technologies, which is exciting for the industry and looks to be the next progression of technology in the classroom. Interactive LCD’s can range in sizes up to 85″ which would be an outstanding addition to any classroom. Providing full high definition images and multi touch finger control. Students and teachers alike won’t have to squint to see text on the screen!

The other notable items that were prevalent, was full collaboration in the classroom. The ability to shift students work around from their laptops to others, while still allowing the teacher to have full control. I’m sure we’ll see a shift towards this type of technology in our classrooms.

In addition to the above, we found some more exciting technology, that we’ll be implementing in Australia, so stay tuned to our future mail outs. In the meantime, feel free to contact me via email at d.macready@videopro.com.au, if you would like more information on anything you’ve read in this article.

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