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Hello All,

We have just received fantastic news…the Panasonic AG-HPX250 P2HD handheld camcorder has been approved by the BBC for use for both BBC and non-BBC HD productions!

The AG-HPX250 becomes the fifth camera in the handheld category to be approved and is only the third handheld camera on the BBCs approved list to be authorized for on-board capture, rather than depending on an external recorder. I think this is a real testament to the strength of the P2 system and the 10-bit 4:2:2 AVC-Intra codec in the AG-HPX250, which means you can be confident to recommend the AG-HPX250 for use in the highest quality productions.

AG-HPX250 P2HD Handheld Camcorder By the way, as well as the AG-HPX370, AJ-HPX2700 and AJ-HPX3100 P2HD AVC-Intra shoulder mount camcorders on the BBC approved list, the AG-AF102 (in Australia) and AG-HCK10/AG-HMR10 POV camera system are also approved when used with an external 50Mbps recorder such as the AG-HPD24 or similar. As always the camera that is chosen for a production should be chosen in consultation with the DOP and post production facility. Panasonic has one of the widest choices for your job!

For any further details on the AG-HPX250 or any of the Panasonic broadcast cameras contact your account manager at Videopro.

In closing, and on behalf of the Videopro Production Team, I would like to wish all our customers a very happy Christmas, and thank-you for your support through out the year.

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