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I thought this month I’d throw in my two cents about Symphony. As you may know, Avid are currently running a number of promotions which end mid June, one of which is the FCP, Xpress, Media Composer upgrade to Symphony.

So, why should you upgrade? Good question! I’m glad you asked, it’s fairly easy to answer…colour correction.

Colour correction is used every day in film and television to give scenes “the look”. The colour correction tool set in Media Composer is subset of the Symphony colour correction tools. In Symphony, there are more controls which makes for a much more advanced way of applying colour correction. The obvious difference is that Symphony’s colour correction toll has a lot more tabs, and the one people focus most on is Secondaries. Secondary colour correction in Symphony gives greater control over Setup, Gamma and Gain separately for shadows, mid tones and highlights. It also has a master HSL colour control, full channel mixer and per-channel levels control.

Have you ever had the situation where you need to change one colour in a scene but don’t want to affect the surrounding colours? Secondary colour correction is the answer to this. Avid Media Composer - Symphony

There are a number of examples where secondary correction has been used in film and television, however one of the best and most dramatically haunting examples are in Schindler’s List (if you’ve seen the movie, then you will remember the little girl with the red coat). David Jones the department store have also used secondary colour correction a number of times for their TVC’s.

Symphony can be yours for just $1,099 inc GST, when ugrading from FCP, Xpress Pro or Media Composer. Please contact me at d.thompson@videopro.com.au if you have any questions.

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