Over the last week, Dave Thompson of Videopro Business Centre’s Broadcast & Production team has found himself immersed in Avid Training. The first new course using the version 3.5 Avid software was a real success and provided Dave with some exceptional feedback as outlined in this email to Broadcast & Production Manager, Graham Bennett…


Thank you for providing us with excellent training over the last week.

Dave was very aware of our different skill levels and constructed the course accordingly. Dave’s training style is brilliant. The course was well paced, covered a lot of ground, all of which was very relevant and Dave made it very easy to understand and was also quite entertaining. I have taken a ‘beginner’ Avid course about 3 times now and still learnt many tips and tricks.

The food supplied was great and the whole Videopro team were all very accommodating as we invaded their territory.

I look forward to attending more courses in the future.

Thanks again.

Well done, Dave. This is fantastic feedback.

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  1. Awesome!

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