This morning has a slightly different feel in the Videopro office with some of us feeling the need to celebrate or perhaps gloat the Rugby Union result on Saturday night. If you’re not familiar, the Wallabies rolled the All Blacks in the match played in Hong Kong, 26 to 24.

Our resident Kiwi Product Specialist, Amanda arrived in early this morning to the following brilliant email from a recent customer:

“Hello Amanda, well last night the mighty Aussie Wallabies rolled your dear old ‘All blacks’;

our mighty Aussie Wallabies have had your boys on toast the previous two games and then we ‘blew it’, but not this time my dear Amanda.

Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi, you little ripper we knocked of the (once) mighty ‘All blacks’

Anyway Amanda as a new Aussie citizen it it is time for you to start barracking for Australia.

GO YOU MIGHTY WALLABIES ( and thanks NZ for giving us a great NZ reject coach).

AND Amanda I am still celebrating the MIGHTY COLLINGWOOD’s 2010 belting of St Kilda in the 2010 AFL Grand Final

and to top it off last night we knocked off Ireland in game two of the International Hybrid Gaelic football.

And Amanda look what the Aussie did in the recent Commonwealth games.. yes we swept the floor with the Poms and all the other Commonwealth Counties.

All the best my friend, we don’t beat the ALL Blacks that often so when we do, I have to ‘gloat’!! ”

The confidence is fantastic despite a few mixed results for the Wallabies this year. My personal thanks goes out to this customer for not letting the result slip under the radar for our dear Amanda.

Until next time All Blacks…

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