Todd Berlin - Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales
Todd Berlin – Customer Service Specialist : Online Sales

You really need good audio for video – now more than ever! If you have a video camera, make sure you have a good microphone to go along with it. Some people understand this but most don’t quite grasp just how important it is. You can have the most fantastic camera with a beautiful scene ready to capture, but if the audio isn’t up to scratch it’s almost all for nothing.

We’re very lucky at the moment – there’s a plethora of options and many are very affordable. Have a look at the Audio Equipment category on the VP website to get an idea of what’s available.


Audio products
which type should you choose?
In case this is all new to you, let me run through the main types of microphones used in video production. Shotgun mics are long and very directional. This means they only pick up audio from directly in front of where you point them. They can be mounted on camera which is handy if you’re by yourself and they’re also commonly found on the end of a boompole when you have an ‘audio guy’ to assist.

Lapel mics are the other most common type and are just about exclusively wireless. They are small and discreet which is perfect for interviews or ‘talking heads’. Being wireless you’re not restricted by the distance from the camera to the talent and it means they can move around. They’re also usually omni-directional. This means that it doesn’t matter which direction the capsule is pointing, it will pick up sound from all directions equally. For this reason, it’s important to get it as close to the source (mouth) as practically and aesthetically possible.

The third and least common type is a stereo microphone. Most cameras that have a built-in mic will be this type (although of very poor quality). A stereo mic is comprised of two separate capsules at right angles to each other and is designed to pick up a very wide area. The advantage of this type of microphone is that it provides a very good sense of space and depth, and if you’re using multiple microphones, it gives you a good soundscape to build your audio mix from.

If you’re wondering what’s missing from your home videos, corporate videos, youtube videos, short film or anything else along those lines, make sure you’re capturing high quality audio! As always, we’re happy to help if you do have any questions so call us on 1300 VIDEOPRO, email us or jump on LiveChat if you have any questions.

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