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By the end of 2014, all analogue TV transmitters will be turned off and all the digital TV transmitters will have changed frequency. The band between 694Mhz will be cleared of all users, so the telecom companies can use it for mobile data and voice.

Check your wireless microphone systems now!

If they operate between 694 Mhz and 820Mhz, you need to plan to be operating between 520Mhz and 694Mhz before the end of 2014.

Digital Dividend comes into Operation

VIDEOPRO is the Premium Queensland based Dealer for Syntec/SENNHESIER. Syntec have an excellent website to give you further information and to demystify the spectrum changes, that may ultimately affect your future wireless mic system requirements after 2014.

For valuable information click here to view the Indicative Channel Chart. This link takes you directly to the Indicative Channel Chart from the ACMA website which shows all digital transmission sites currently expected to operate post restack.

Look for the

Fur further information, please contact our Production Team at production@videopro.com.au or on 1300 VIDEOPRO to discuss the range of SENNHEISER wireless microphones that are DTV ready.

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