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Blackmagic Design have announced that DaVinci Resolve 10 was used by freelance colourist Mark Todd Osborne to colour grade the Hollywood film Need for Speed. Based on the popular series of video games, Need for Speed is a high octane, action packed thrill ride that follows a street racer on a cross country race for revenge.


Picture courtesy of Dreamworks Studios

This film is filled with numerous high energy race scenes and when asked about the grading process Osborne said, “There was a big race sequence in the Red Rock Canyon desert, and the red rocks weren’t filming consistently. We wanted them warm and yellow to play up the heat and tension, but sometimes they looked cool and blue. On top of that, the scene is shot in and out of cars, between the rocks and then back in the cars. DaVinci Resolve’s tracker was a big help in delivering precise colour in a snap.”

Osborne could rely on DaVinci Resolve’s auto key frame tracker without having to track and key frames manually. “Tracking made so much difference for me,” said Osborne. “DaVinci Resolve’s auto tracking got it right the first time. Some shots can move too fast for a system to handle, and you have to go in manually and fix them, but that rarely happened with DaVinci Resolve. It’s these things that add up and save on time.”


Picture courtesy of Dreamworks Studios

When asked about the software Osborne stated, “It’s also so user friendly that I don’t have to think about the technology and tools when I work. Instead, I can focus on crafting the image and stay in the creative process. There was a lot of meticulous colour that went into this film, and it draws the audience in and helps tell the story.”

Need for Speed is just another Hollywood Blockbuster to add to the list of films that are being graded on DaVinci Resolve these days. At only $1,239, this software is an affordable addition to your edit suite and will have you grading like a pro in no time. Contact one of your Production Team members to pick up your copy of DaVinci Resolve today.


Excerpts from Press Release

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