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Avid MediaCentral Platform

Here are a few announcements from Avid at NAB

Most notably, they introduced their new Avid MediaCentral Platform and set of modular application suites that together represent the most open, integrated, and flexible media production and distribution environment in the industry. The new MediaCentral Platform is an open, extensible, and customizable foundation that enables our customers to streamline their entire workflow—from media creation to distribution and monetization—with greater flexibility, choice, and security.

They also launched the new Avid Everywhere microsite, showcasing the Avid Everywhere vision and related solutions and product innovations across the broadcast, audio and video industries. Some of the products showcased were;

Avid MediaCentral Platform
• Avid MediaCentral Connectivity toolkit—Avid is working with third-party developers and technology partners to integrate their tools and services into the MediaCentral Platform, providing customers with a wealth of product and service choices that all work and communicate with each other seamlessly.
• Avid MediaCentral | UX—Enables customers to easily access the MediaCentral Platform through a web-based, front-end interface, which provides a unified experience. With MediaCentral | UX, customers can access media and work on projects across the platform, with the choice of using a laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device.

Artist Suite
• Media Composer® | Cloud—Extends real-time production everywhere by enabling Media Composer editors to connect to Interplay | Production systems remotely and access, edit and collaborate with others as if they were in the same location.
• Media Composer subscription and floating licensing—Customers now have greater choice in how they use Media Composer, with subscription and floating licensing options that enable greater flexibility and value.

Media Suite
• Media | Director—Timesaving media ingest module that automates the process of ingesting media into production and nearline storage, enabling users to start editing immediately and accelerate project turnaround.
• Media | Distribute—Enables organizations to create content once and deliver it to multiple destination platforms, with extended integration to even more third-party online video, social media, video transcoding, and web content management systems.
• Media | Index—Streamlines workflows and enhances collaboration by enabling customers to search for, audition, and move media across multiple Interplay | Production databases, both local and remote, regardless of where the assets are stored.

Storage Suite
• 4K support—The entire ISIS storage family now supports collaborative 4K and Ultra HD workflows.
• ISIS® | 2500—Avid’s latest nearline shared storage system offers higher storage capacity, making it easier to store large volumes of high-res assets and repurpose content. Featuring an easily scalable architecture, ISIS | 2500 offers post-production, broadcast, education, and corporate facilities greater cost savings per terabyte.

As always, if you have any questions about AVID please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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