The new Alpha NEX Series from Sony has been hyped in the press recently after the launch of the range to a selected group of journalists and industry experts. Although we couldn’t attend, we’ve been following the lead-up to the release of the NEX Series very closely. The feedback from the event was overwhelming and many of the journalists were happy to provide a glowing review.

“This is such an untapped market and there’s going to be huge demand for this product category in the future.”
David Flynn, Sydney Morning Herald

“Such a good idea. I like using DSLRs because of the picture quality but they’re too hard to carry around. I want one!”
Rhiannon Zanetic, Connected

“One of the best cameras I’ve ever reviewed.”
Barrie Smith, Digital Photography School

“I was extremely impressed with the NEX-5 and think it’s a perfect secondary camera to regular DSLR users like myself.”
James Ostinga, Digital Photography and Design

“I love it. This is perfect for the followers on my blog and something I’m regularly asked about.”

Kristy Sayer, ksayerphotography

“The timing couldn’t be more fortuitous…hopefully this bumps me to the top of the queue when it comes time to trial the new NEX-5 – which has mah weave spinning off mah head in excitement.”
Matt Jordon, Imelda blog

“This is the camera of the year”
John Davidson, Australian Financial Review

Judging by the individuals and publications above, the industry is excited for the arrival of the NEX range. The first reviews have arrived:




If you’re interested in the NEX Series for yourself, please contact us on 1300 Videopro or visit www.videopro.com.au.

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