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A Studio, you say?

Would it be such a terrible idea to shy away from the vernacular of the well-known ‘music-teacher’ and allow our students to follow their ears and their minds and tune in to the dialect of the modern musical world? Schools are changing – we know this already. The students are changing, technology is changing and what’s more pertinent – our desire to want to be as modern as we can, in the way that we learn and interact.

When I was at school (barely 10 years ago), the computer-based music-production possibilities were limited and to record with clarity and ease was not in the budget. With the introduction of many software packages including Ableton live, Apples’ Logic Pro, Avids’ Protools and Steinbergs’ Cubase, we see a world of possibilities open up. To spend the budget in the right areas and engage Videopro for direction, is to transfer that old room at the back of ‘C-Block’ into a new, useable space and allow your student the opportunity to step into a whole new world of professional production and recording.

Videopro can assist with:

• Design and implementation
• Room acoustics
• Software requirements
• Consultation
• Installation
• Training

You can contact one of the Education Team members on 1300 VIDEOPRO, or via email at education@videopro.com.au.

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